June 14, 2021

1: Definition + Your Window of Opportunity

1: Definition + Your Window of Opportunity


Welcome to the first-ever episode of The Rising Digital Leader show! Here, we set the scene for your self-transformation: from a digital (technical) star into a masterful business leader. Following a brief introduction from Matthew, we dive into what it means to be a rising digital leader and then unpack your massive career opportunity in pursuing this journey. 

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The 2020s are a ripe time for those in digital (technology) fields: cloud, cybersecurity, data science, human-centered design, and the like. 

A “rising digital leader” is an ambitious professional who leverages their technical background and transforms into a business leader — a person that has significant organizational impact and unlocks a better personal life. 

Recent research shows how companies with digital-savvy executive teams outperform competitors by 48% (growth and valuation). 

But only 7% of companies even have digital-savvy leadership teams in place — this is your opportunity to capture. 

There are several types of digital leaders: CxO, professional services (consulting) leader, product leader, or entrepreneur. 

While you can choose your ideal destination, the path is similar. 

By following the learnings from this show, you’ll create a better professional experience and live a more thriving personal life (freedom of wealth, health, and time). 


[2:20] A short bio on Matthew and what he brings to the table 

[5:40] Definition of a rising digital leader 

[11:11] Types of digital leaders 

[15:53] Upgrading your mindset and skillset 

[18:10] Why undertake the digital leader transformation? 


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