Aug. 2, 2021

10: Lori Zukin - The Coaching Mindset

10: Lori Zukin - The Coaching Mindset


Today we're joined by Lori Zukin, CEO and founder of Zukin Leadership. With a rich history in coaching and consulting to some of the world's most prominent organizations, Lori is a goldmine for understanding the more nuanced ways that leaders cultivate and exert influence. She holds a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and serves on the faculty at Georgetown University. Before starting her own company, Lori was an executive at Booz Allen Hamilton. 

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If we focus on what we love doing, we see more possibilities in the world. 

"If I'm coaching, the other is in charge. If I'm facilitating, I'm driving towards a solution. If I'm consulting, I have the answers."

The move from corporate to entrepreneur isn't for everyone, but in trying, you afford yourself the chance to experience levels of freedom and connection unlike anything else.

Listen to your inner voice. Constantly ask yourself, "Am I doing things that energize me?"

Leadership is not about rank, and the smartest person isn't always the best leader.


[4:00]   How “love and the bottom line” can guide business growth

[6:15]   Why passion is something we intentionally cultivate through trial & error

[8:03]   The differences between coaching, consulting, & facilitation

[12:03] The mindset shift from technical guru to effective leader

[13:42]  The importance of “thinking about your thinking” (metacognition)

[15:35]  Lori’s origin story, including her evolution into organizational psychology

[18:09]  Taking the entrepreneurial “leap” after a long & successful corporate career

[25:11]  Putting in the reps, waking up to complacency, & seeing what you’re capable of

[29:56]  How we can apply “COVID innovation” consistently going forward

[32:58]  Lori’s work w/ Simon Sinek (communicate while infusing accountability)

[38:49]  Step off the “life” treadmill & focus on what gives you energy


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