Aug. 16, 2021

12: Crafting a Personal Brand in Tech

12: Crafting a Personal Brand in Tech


Today, we cover how personal brands work for digital professionals. Cultivating a strong personal brand is a long-term asset that'll shape your career and propel you over a lifetime. In addition to the "what" and "why," we'll cover an 8-part framework that you can implement starting today.

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A brand is a promise. Your personal brand is your promise to the people you seek to serve.

Even in political exile, Winston Churchill remained relevant and sought after because of the personal brand he created for himself.

A strong personal brand includes the following 8 elements: role models, vision, niche, value proposition, online assets, content marketing strategy, social media strategy, and community value.

Your personal brand is your body of work. It’s like an encyclopedia; you write it page by page, not volume by volume.

A personal brand is a magnetic asset — it attracts the right people and repels the wrong people.


Examples of a strong personal brand in tech:

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