Aug. 23, 2021

13: Mike McGill - Stoic Philosophy for Digital Leaders

13: Mike McGill - Stoic Philosophy for Digital Leaders


We're joined today by Mike McGill, Chief Information Officer at Medical Service Company. He discusses how Stoicism and other self-care approaches have helped him professionally and personally. We also dive into how to view the different phases of your career, plus how the Creator Economy is opening exciting new doors for people of all backgrounds. Please enjoy! 

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Stoic philosophy is a pragmatic and "grounding" approach for being a better leader and living a more peaceful existence.

A long-term career "north star" is helpful, but make sure you're fluid and adaptive as you go.

Rethink resumes and credentials. Today, hiring managers look for one's commitment to craft. Building in public elevates you!

Creating space between stimulus and response gives you control over your emotions.

Beyond money, status, and fame, a deeper metric for success can center on happiness and peace.


[2:32] Mike’s creative mindset and Twitter approach

[6:23] Spectrum of “what matters” in a tech career — choosing what you’re optimizing for

[14:44] How to think about your evolving “future self” vision

[16:39] How the Creator Economy and other forces should influence how you pursue learning and credentials

[23:02] The “ownership mindset” required to build the career you desire

[25:00] How Stoicism has been a life-changer, at work and home (“I had a Stoicism-shaped hole in me”)

[28:22] The types of “modern” philosophy that can help digital leaders

[33:29] A preview of Mike’s upcoming book: The IT Leadership Blueprint

[39:26] The skills that up-and-coming tech professionals need to fixate on


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Books mentioned: The Obstacle Is the Way, The Daily Stoic