Aug. 30, 2021

14: Great Leaders Harness Their Dark Side

14: Great Leaders Harness Their Dark Side


We all have a dark side. Repressing it only creates internal pain and limits your potential as a leader. In this episode, we learn how tech leaders can understand their "negative" traits and harness them to become a more dynamic and impactful force in their organization. 

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We all have a dark side, but great leaders take the time to understand and use it to their advantage.

We're taught as children that letting out negative emotions is bad. This repression compounds over time and stunts our growth as adults. 

The dark side has its value. Just like the Roman leader Cicero and the entertainer Josephine Baker, we can channel it toward positive outcomes.

Become the "integrated human" requires (1) identifying, (2) embracing, (3) exploring, and (4) revealing your dark side.

We need to give our subconscious a chance to surface — otherwise, we risk career regret, lost opportunities, and creative suppression.



[2:12] Our dark side is hardwired

[3:30] The great repression (longing for play)

[5:01] The impossibility of “golden” leaders

[7:26] There’s always a hero & a villain

[8:24] 4 steps to harnessing your dark side



Book mentioned: The Laws of Human Nature (by Robert Greene)

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