Sept. 6, 2021

15: Weaponizing Writing for Career Advancement

15: Weaponizing Writing for Career Advancement


Technical skills have known ceilings. In turn, writing is every digital leader's boundless career multiplier. After covering how writing and influence are intertwined, Matt discusses the benefits of cultivating a writing habit and how you can steadily go from bad to good to great.

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In tech, we obsess about scaled impact. Writing is the key to scaling your personal impact. 

In our knowledge economy, your creativity reigns supreme. Your ideas are your biggest potential return on investment.

Writing forces you to sharpen your thinking in a way that you can't do through other means.

Writing is the most scalable professional networking activity.

Strong writing makes you intellectually battle-ready.

Neil Strauss on editing: (1) Write for yourself, (2) Revise for the reader, (3) Fine-tune for the critics.

Writing keeps you young, fresh, and always relevant. 



[3:15] Leverage at your fingertips

[4:14] Writing sharpens your thinking

[6:08] Getting battle-ready

[9:02] Don't go to conferences; write and ship

[11:17] Writer's block is defeatable



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