Oct. 4, 2021

19: You Don’t Need an MBA

19: You Don’t Need an MBA


For decades, there's been an assumption that you need an MBA to be a business leader. This creates a challenge for rising digital leaders — those that come from technical backgrounds and feel a desire to be an influential force within the organization. Do they need to sink their time and money into nabbing this credential? Today, Matt argues why an MBA isn't necessary for tech professionals while getting to the essence of what we're really after.

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We've been lulled into thinking an MBA is a "must do" for reaching the highest realms of business leadership.

What people really want with an MBA: Mastery, Badges, Attention.

“We’ve reached the post-content age. Content is no longer scarce in education. It’s either free or low-cost, and it's abundant.”

Millennials and Gen Zs place significant value on community, which will transform the future of education.

EdTech platforms, such as those enabling Cohort-Based Courses, are opening faster and cheaper alternatives to the MBA — with similar benefits. 



[3:30] Why people really chase an MBA

[5:15] Mastery, badges, and attention

[6:55] The problem of self-motivation

[8:56] Power of new education models



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