June 14, 2021

2: Andrea Little Limbago - Leading at the Intersection of Human & Tech

2: Andrea Little Limbago - Leading at the Intersection of Human & Tech


Here, we talk with Dr. Andrea Little Limbago (VP of Research and Analysis at Interos) about what it takes for tech experts (usually considered introverts) to elevate into leadership positions. Andrea also shares how her unique background in the social sciences enabled her own growth in the cybersecurity field. Finally, she and Matthew discuss how to think about professional networking and why tech leaders need to operate "human-first" in driving organizational progress.

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For tech experts to find their place in leadership roles, they need to: (1) decide if it's for them, (2) sharpen their communication skills, and (3) be influential team players.

Cybersecurity is still stuck with the notion that humans are the weakest link. But at the end of the day, if technology doesn't work with humans in it, it doesn't work.

To build key relationships, think like a social scientist. Connect with key individuals that get you closer to your goal without being self-serving with your personal agenda.

The leadership myths that need busting: (1) you have to be an extrovert to be a leader, (2) leave the people component to HR, and (3) bring solutions, not problems.

Having a professional "squad" is vital to your professional and social health.


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