Oct. 11, 2021

20: Ben Dundee - Human-Centered Data Leadership


We're joined today by Ben Dundee, VP and Head of Data Science at Dekeo. Ben delivers sharp advice on how to become influential with data — changing hearts and minds across an organization. Empathy and community are key elements of his personality and success. Lots of lessons in this one! 

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Don't let your past define your future; learn to say "thank you, next."

Product Management is a great space to learn what the business cares about (you gain diverse perspectives).

A data leader's role is often to ensure all people (technical and non-technical) believe in the value of the data effort.

Don't waste time on data perfection (objective truth) — a simple model that's 80% correct is often the key to success.

"Dance with fear" — embrace discomfort; this is how you build a great career and life.



[2:15] The self-branding journey: Physics PhD to Data Science VP

[11:35] Using business knowledge and relationships as leverage to create impact

[16:27] The mysticism of data science 

[20:35] Skills for the mid-career tech professional

[26:53] The worst advice to follow

[31:34] Ben's advice to his younger self 



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