Nov. 1, 2021

21: Shiv Singh - Your Why Is the Way


We're joined today by Shiv Singh, Founder of Emerge Management Consulting. Shiv is a compelling example of what it means to "look inside" and figure out what you've been put on this planet to do. We hear a lot about "find your why," but Shiv demonstrates how to put the concept into action — even if it requires going against societal norms. Lots to learn here, from both a career and life perspective.

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  • "Early life" pressures (e.g., educational success) might be subconsciously driving your career and life choices — to your detriment.
  • An overemphasis on external validation is dangerous; we must balance it with finding success internally.
  • Your "why" is your compass (and your criteria) for making daily micro-decisions that add up to a meaningful, fulfilled life.
  • Diving into entrepreneurship removes the safety net and forces you to gauge what you're truly capable of.
  • Rather than fixating on an exact route to a single career destination, stay nimble and explore multiple paths that feel directionally "right."



[2:12] Pillars of life

[8:12] Associating academic & career success

[13:23] Striving for never-ending external validation

[17:15] Taking a leap of faith “on myself”

[22:20] The forcing function for your growth

[26:28] Don’t obsess over goals; one meaningful step at a time

[32:44] Joys & hardships of being on your own

[34:38] The Pathless Path

[37:09] Reconciling your professional & personal selves

[41:10] Mental health in management consulting



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