Nov. 8, 2021

22: Elayna Snyder - Channeling Your Individuality


We're joined in this episode by Elayna Snyder, Founder of Indigo Collectiv. She focuses on helping thought leaders fuel their strategy by being their authentic selves. She delivers a masterclass on harnessing your individuality. Her premise: your knowledge and ideas need an outlet, and that outlet should create an impact.

Improve your LinkedIn game: How to Build Your Hidden LinkedIn Funnel™ in 3 Easy Steps (resource from Elayna)

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Our "authentic self" changes based on the context that we’re in.  

There are many roads to a destination, but they differ in timeline and effectiveness

You must make decisions that align with who you are on the inside.

A well-shaped personal brand helps you scale your ideas, build meaningful relationships, and create the impact you crave.

An established personal brand isn’t a prerequisite to contributing and getting to know the community you want to build or contribute to. 

LinkedIn is NOT a glorified resume platform or virtual conference; it's a place to be social and create a world of opportunities.



[6:30] Transcending your credentials

[9:09] Client creation

[11:25] Applying your “fire” (corporate & side hustle)

[13:25] Personal brand: greatest long-term asset

[18:00] Shaping your personal brand

[19:17] Why & how to harness LinkedIn

[21:25] Building your community

[24:03] Serving your tribe (& monetizing)

[26:55] Your forcing function for growth

[28:25] Elayna on the hot seat



How to Build Your Hidden LinkedIn Funnel™ in 3 Easy Steps (resource from Elayna)

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