Nov. 29, 2021

23: Escaping the Matrix & Seizing Control of Your Career

23: Escaping the Matrix & Seizing Control of Your Career

We all live in some version of the Matrix — where we take our situation as given. But what would it look like to wake up? To see more clearly and direct your life? This episode is about awakening to the limitations you've subconsciously accepted in your career and doing something about it: creating freedom. Listen in to discover your real potential.

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The Matrix movie trilogy suggests that everyone is capable of making the choice between the real world and an artificial one.

Career-wise, we're taught to choose from an existing corporate system, and just make the most of it.

Betting your livelihood solely on "gutting it out" in corporate will leave you miserable.

John Marty suggests we deploy a "dual-path" strategy: Utility (corporate) + Authentic Self.

Sometimes we're climbing the wrong hill, and we need to have the guts to walk down and start another climb.

You can create more freedom in your life if you start embracing self-reliance.



[1:34] What the Matrix teaches us

[2:31] How this plays out at work

[3:47] The dual-path strategy

[7:20] How Matt is pursuing both paths

[9:10] Are you climbing the wrong hill?

[10:15] Our real aim: a sense of freedom



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