Dec. 6, 2021

24: Chris Cochran - Thriving as a Creator in the Web3 Era

Chris Cochran is co-founder and CEO of Hacker Valley Media, where he co-hosts several podcasts centered on technology and human performance. He drops by the studio to discuss what it means for a tech professional to flourish as a "creator" today. We introduce Web3, and how its features are enabling an exciting set of opportunities for individual professionals to enhance their career trajectory and overall life.   

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A creator is anyone who can distill the ideas floating through their mind and package and deliver them to the world (mediums: sketches, words, multimedia, code, etc.).  

You can separate your creative side from your corporate role...or marry the two. There are no hard rules. Do what gives you energy.

Web3 is completely upending the "known" internet — changing economics, finance, business, and so much more. (Check out a short "Ethereum 101" podcast from Alex Lieberman.)

ExIST: Explore, Immerse, Study, Translate (Transform) — a framework for pursuing excellence in the pursuit of human endeavors.

Credentials have their value, but nothing beats experience. Experience doesn’t necessarily mean working in a professional job. 

Be authentic (DON'T be "normal"). Actively break out of your small comfort zone.



[3:56] “Creator” defined

[5:17] How “creating” changed Chris’s life

[7:53] Balancing job & authentic self

[10:52] Intro to Web3

[14:17] How to test Web3 (ExIST framework)

[18:47] New mindset for education

[24:33] Credentialize > credential-collecting

[28:07] Why we’re still bad at cybersecurity

[31:47] Best advice Chris received

[34:15] The law we all need to follow

[36:33] Closing message: find your tribe



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