Jan. 24, 2022

28: Jason Rosselot: Creating Value at the Seams

Jason Rosselot is a VP of Cybersecurity at Dell Technologies. But traditional paths aren't his thing. From serving as a Special Agent protecting the Dalai Lama to ensuring resiliency in manufacturing and software, Jason is driven by a very personal mission.

Feeling "caged" at work? Here's your key to freedom.



The most profound value creation isn't at the most predictable locations within organizations. Instead, the biggest opportunities exist in No Man's Land (the "seams") — the handoff points and areas where no one seems to "own" the task.

While traditional career paths offer useful jumpstarts and open doors, don't lock in prematurely. Instead, listen to what your inner voice tells you and follow that guidance.

Leadership is about bravely engaging in big problems; it's not just about taking on a prominent position.

Your potential is what YOU deem it to be; it's not dictated by your experience or what others perceive of you.

One of the most important things we can all do is unlock from our version of the Matrix: see more clearly what we're called to do and take aligned action with that calling.



[2:25] Meeting & protecting the Dalai Lama

[4:21] Jason’s winding professional journey

[5:57] Security: Jason’s purpose-driven mission

[7:00] What matters over career phases

[12:15] Value in the seams, not the silos

[14:54] Separation of professional & personal?

[18:01] Development of leadership philosophy

[20:49] How to get “unstuck” at mid-career

[23:17] Understand your version of the Matrix

[26:16] Do a good turn daily

[29:20] Advice for starting a career right now

[31:44] Closing piece of advice



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