Jan. 31, 2022

29: Extreme Time Ownership

29: Extreme Time Ownership

On average, if we’re lucky, we’ll be alive on this planet for 4,000 weeks. That’s not much. So, what will you do with your precious time?

Great time management is the ultimate meta-skill for life. In this episode, Matt presents what extreme time ownership is and why you need it. After explaining the mindset aspect, Matt shares 15 tactical tips on how to own your time with intention and ruthlessness.

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How you manage your time will make or break your career and life!

There is immense power in less, in reduction. By carving out the excess, you give more space and focus for what truly adds value to you, your work, and your purpose.

What others ask of you almost always pales in comparison to what you can accomplish under your own imagination and initiative.

Respect your energy, the quality of your output, and your progress. As a start, reject multitasking.

Extreme Time Ownership is key to escaping the Corporate Cage, and living an Uncaged life.



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