June 14, 2021

3: Your Digital Career Navigation System

3: Your Digital Career Navigation System


Today, we talk about escaping comfort zones and why it's essential to strategically design your own career. You can't just let your career happen to you — there's too much at stake. To ensure professional success, Matthew introduces a three-part career navigation system that helps digital professionals take and sustain flight — establishing clarity over their long-term vision while also thriving in the here-and-now.

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Digital professionals are vulnerable to trends and market changes that can affect their careers if they lack career planning.

Your comfort zone is different from your safety zone. Because one-third of life is spent at work, realize that careers are massive investments.

Similar to the navigation systems used by modern aircraft, we each need the proper instrumentation to ensure a long, healthy career. 

25-5-1: a three-part career navigation system that helps you "fly" and differentiate yourself.

More than other disciplines, digital professionals have abundant opportunities that they need to take advantage of.

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