Feb. 7, 2022

30: A Fresh Take on Imposter Syndrome

Here, Matt shares his views on Imposter Syndrome, and why we need to start viewing it with a more productive lens. Rather than being down on ourselves for feeling like an imposter, we should let it signal a worthy challenge in life.

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Humans are wired to seek safety and security — a contributing factor to feeling like an imposter.

We should stop calling it a "syndrome," which implies there's something abnormal or wrong with us. 

A better term: Imposterism.

The Spotlight Effect explains that people care far less about your Imposterism than you do (we're all focused on ourselves).

Stoicism helps us understand that our imposter feeling stems from artificial feelings, not facts.

Be kind to yourself, always realizing you're a beautiful work-in-progress (Imposterism is part of character development).



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