Feb. 13, 2022

31: Sana A Ahmed - Unleashing Your Inner Monster

Sana A Ahmed is a personal brand experience consultant and thought creator. We unpack how to unleash your inner monster — showing up as a person who has the guts to consciously stand out amidst a noisy world. We also discuss the immense potential of becoming an online creator by focusing on your Personal Philosophy. 

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[2:08] Why explore monsters?

[5:56] Befriending your inner monster

[7:30] Sana’s “creator” backstory

[13:40] Personal Philosophy: definition & value

[20:00] Leaders embody their philosophy

[22:15] Applying the Niche of One (article)

[26:15] Escape competition through authenticity

[28:24] Countering “default path” thinking

[32:00] Rapid-fire questions

[37:00] Rituals for an energized day



1. A monster is a person with the guts to show up and stand out, consciously; they reveal to others what is hidden in plain sight

2. When you befriend your monster, you’re unlocking connection through authenticity and relatability

3. Personal Philosophy: (1) means “love of knowing who you are” and (2) having it provides constraints for achieving higher levels of freedom

4. Strong self-knowledge makes life smoother and easier

5. “Niching down” your personal brand can leave you feeling confined over time; counter this through an always-evolving Niche of One approach

6. If you’re a creator, you don’t want to compete; instead, you need to collaborate

7. Best advice: follow (lead with) your heart

8. Over-focus on “reach” and metrics will trap you; you’ll lose energy to persevere

9. “Success” is necessarily a definition of your own making

10. Live at the intersection of your interests and you'll elevate your potency as a creator (bringing together different facets and creating value)



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