Feb. 23, 2022

32: The Life of a Rat Racer

Are you a rat? Take a hard look in the mirror. Be honest with yourself, and decide whether your career strategy is helping or hurting your overall life experience. In this episode, Matt describes the life of a typical rat racer and then poses some critical reflection questions.

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Rat Race: the unpleasant reality where a person’s job requires them to endlessly compete with others for money, power, status.

Industrialized education systems teach us early on that picking a “prescribed path” is the key to success and happiness.

It’s difficult to separate genuine desires from those we’ve adopted by external influences (explained by Mimetic Theory).

If we’re not “awake,” self-directed, and intentional with our career strategy, we can end up deflated and regretful.

3 questions will help you understand if you’re running the rat race and how you might break free.



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