Feb. 28, 2022

33: Maurice Philogene - The Freedom Fighter

Maurice Philogene lives a robust life, with a background as a senior executive, real estate investor, restaurant owner, traveler, public servant, philanthropist, and lifestyle design/wealth coach. We spend our time in this episode discussing his driving aim: freedom. A self-proclaimed “freedom fighter,” he highlights what he learned from the corporate world and how we can design a lifestyle that’s just dripping with our version of freedom.

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02:16 Love of the Mediterranean

04:29 Moe’s backstory

08:07 Active work, passive income

11:23 The freedom fighter mentality

14:28 Combatting the Default Script

16:31 Maximizing utility within corporate

18:36 Intentional lifestyle design

22:56 Finding door-opening relationships

25:08 Stepping into philanthropy

28:33 Be selfish so you may be selfless

31:26 “A day in the life” with Moe

34:54 Rapid-fire questions

44:49 Closing message



1. Once you have enough money to take care of your basic needs, you see that life is not about money at all

2. The five freedom principles: financial, time, geographic, purpose, relationships

3. We are responsible for using our income, experience, and skills to create our version of happiness

4. First and foremost, determine the utility that corporate jobs offer you — then, design from there

5. Be careful fulling into "rent-a-brain" situations; figure out how to conserve time and energy to unleash your creativity

6. It's okay to be selfish...in order to become selfless

7. Seek constant movement: expose yourself to new geographies, cultures, people, ideas, and opportunities to ensure you're always expanding

8. “We feel better as a human [when] we’re accessing the Earth.”

9. Everything comes from new relationships: being around people that are doing things on "another level"

10. Creating wealth can be joyous, as that abundance enables you to give to others



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