April 5, 2022

34: Welcome to Uncage Yourself (Rebrand)

34: Welcome to Uncage Yourself (Rebrand)

In this episode, Matt announces the rebrand of his podcast (formerly The Rising Digital Leader). In line with his new entrepreneurial mission, Matt describes the rationale for rebranding the show. He discusses his professional journey since COVID began, what he learned in the process, and what his personal reasons were for saying goodbye to corporate.

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Full show notes & resources: uncageyourself.fm



1. Immense power in taking hear-aligned, messy action

2. Playing the same corporate games as everyone else can put life into a tailspin

3. Rather than succumb to the Corporate Cage, we can choose to live Uncaged

4. Multiples types of freedom that we should aim for: Time, Financial, Purpose, Relationships, Health

5. Matt is igniting an ambitious movement: to "uncage" 100K people by 2025



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