April 12, 2022

35: Outcomes Over Hours

We're still battling remnants from the Industrial Age. One of the most notorious (and life-limiting) features is the standard workweek, including the cultural pressures to operate in a "standard" way. 

Matt argues that one of the keys to time freedom is to let go of the "participation points" mentality where we show up to every meeting and take on an immense workload. The solution? Focus on outcomes, not hours. 



02:23 Topical overview

03:00 Battling an antiquated belief system

05:42 Negative effects of "playing their game"

07:40 Establishing a contract (with yourself & others)

11:10 Five steps to implement "outcomes over hours"



1. The traditional workweek is antiquated, and if you fall victim to its trappings, you're trading off a lot for very little in return.


2. At performance review time, no one talks about the hours you put in — they analyze the "impactful" outcomes you delivered.


3. Choosing "outcomes over hours" is a philosophy for valuing your time — being hyper-efficient with how you protect it at work while redirecting that conserved energy to your actual life priorities.


4. We must understand corporate jobs from a "utility" standpoint to maximize our income and opportunities while not senselessly going "above and beyond" because of peer pressure.


5. Identify the core outcomes you must deliver and ruthlessly adjust your calendar and habits to deliver on these.  



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