May 10, 2022

38: Creating Time Freedom at Work

Default thinking says, "I just need to suck it up at work." That's nonsense. You can take control of your corporate job and create Time Freedom — right where you are.  

Learn the biological reasons why we feel overrun at work, plus 3 strategies (plus tactics) for creating Time Freedom.

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03:03 The Time Freedom mindset

03:53 That caged feeling

04:45 Why work overtakes us

07:00 How Henry Ford screwed us

09:30 Freedom framework (5 types)

10:19 Intro: 3 strategies for Time Freedom

10:36 ONE: Know thyself

12:19 TWO: Learn their game

14:57 THREE: Design your game

18:36 Recap



1. You don't "find" time; you must create it.


2. Freedom is what you're born with. It's also a choice. Choose it, and then begin to manifest it.


3. Within corporate, must adopt an "outcomes over hours" mindset.


4. Understand your personal Point of Diminishing Returns at work.


5. Much of the upfront work involves identifying and confronting your limiting beliefs.



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