June 21, 2021

4: Jamie Miller - Multiply Your Impact

4: Jamie Miller - Multiply Your Impact


Today, we talk with Mission Multiplier CEO Jamie Miller about the skills that technology and cybersecurity professionals need to become potent leaders. Jamie shares his journey on creating more community impact by building a "get what you give" business.

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While technologists generally focus on solving technical problems, their leadership impact comes from how they communicate and align the value of their solution to the business.

Mission Multiplier’s guiding belief: when objectives between people and organizations are aligned, the enhancement to the underlying mission is multiplied exponentially.

A digital leader can continuously sharpen their skills by working closely with experts and technical teams in synthesizing new ideas.

Cultivate many opportunities, find out what you’re passionate about, and be disciplined about it. Don’t let others dictate who you’re going to be in terms of your career.


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