May 24, 2022

40: Mastering the Bookends of Your Day

Do you believe in self-destiny? Well, then you'd better master your days. This is a practical and actionable episode focused on controlling the bookends of your day: morning and night. This is where you unlock freedom.

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02:58 Why your bookends matter

04:18 Strategies for managing energy (not time)

10:51 Prioritize mornings or nights?

12:58 Morning rituals + deep work

15:03 Keeping corporate at bay

15:32 Graceful evenings

18:01 Closing your day

19:31 You can’t afford to push back



1. Your bookends (AM and PM) are when you typically have the most control.

2. Early morning is the most critical time for anyone, whether you wake up at 5am or 9am. You must design your mornings with intention. 

3. Outside of your 9-5, learn to do two forms of work: rituals and project-focused deep work (efforts that "move the needle" on your freedom).

4. Shutdown routines and related strategies help you compartmentalize how you spend time and ensure presence (e.g., when around family). 

5. Optimize your evenings for calm, time with loved ones, next-day clarity, and excellent sleep.



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