June 7, 2022

41: Optimizing for Freedom

What are you optimizing for? In other words, what are you trying to generate more of in your life? Most people have superficial answers. But dig deep, and you'll find what they want: some version of freedom. This episode introduces a framework for creating freedom, professionally and personally.

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02:41 Freedom is a feeling

04:46 Intro to Freedom Framework

05:04 Time Freedom

06:52 Financial Freedom

08:25 Relationship Freedom

10:09 Purpose Freedom

11:00 Health Freedom

11:30 Putting it all together



1. Time Freedom: Conserve hours (and energy). Consciously direct those gains toward your chosen high-value activities (work and otherwise).


2. Financial Freedom: Maximize corporate utility for least effort. Diversify income streams. Systematically funnel gains toward wealth-generating assets.


3. Relationship Freedom: Graduate from “old you” relationships. Surround yourself with people and ideas that inspire, uplift, and scare you (shocking you out of your comfort zone).


4. Purpose Freedom: Cultivate “meaning” in your life in areas that resonate with you. It doesn’t have to be professional (e.g., might be parenting). Note: don’t expect corporate to deliver this for you.


5. Health Freedom: Ensure a healthy mind and body that keeps you high-functioning and energized for decades.



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