June 21, 2022

42: William Willis - The Uncaged Creator

Creativity isn't just some abstract topic for artists. Think beyond the "in-demand skills" of today and learn how to build creative muscles that unlock a better life for you. William Willis (aka The Prolific Creator) joins us to share his transformative story (flowing between big tech and a "creator" entrepreneur), plus enlightening tips for cultivating meaning and tangible rewards inside and outside of corporate.

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03:04 Impact of science fiction

07:22 Wrestling with a "successful" tech career

10:56 Personal learnings from experimentation

15:37 The anti-niche approach

19:42 Identifying your golden thread (EPIC)

23:45 Cultivating your scenius

32:56 Practical creativity for those feeling "caged"

37:10 How you're capping your potential

41:01 How William is methodically designing corporate re-entry

48:44 Rapid-fire questions

56:27 Every second counts



1. There's immense power in unbounded experimentation (with no fixation on outcomes).

2. Be EPIC: [E]xplore interests, observe [P]atterns, [I]dentify common threads, and [C]urate creations.

3. We’re all born to create. The question is, "what are we supposed to create?"

4. Curate your environment (including people) to level up to where you want to be.

5. We become conditioned to value professional effectiveness and efficiency.

6. You're capping your potential if you're not flexing your creative "play" muscles.

7. You are an autonomous being in your world. Don't let others have you believe otherwise.

8. Don't spend your entire life building someone else's dreams (the graveyard is the wealthiest place in the world).

9. All you have is this moment. Don't settle. What can you do right now?

10. "A small, caged life is no way for a human being to live."



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