June 29, 2022

43: The Life-First Approach (w/ Paul Conley)

Work-Life Balance is BS. It's a misguided concept that leaves people with regret and untapped potential. Friend and fellow coach Paul Conley joins me to dive into this "balance" myth and other strategies that keep people from living their fullest lives.

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02:34 Paul's focus

05:22 The myth of Work-Life Balance

08:51 Should we seek meaning (purpose) at work?

12:17 The (anti?) benefits of fitting in

16:14 Choosing Our Work vs. Corporate Work

20:25 Implementing "life-first" tactics

31:14 Maximizing your time on Earth 



1. When you put life ahead of work, everyone else improves.

2. Seek abundance, not balance.

3. Someone else's Plan A is inevitably your Plan B.

4. Authenticity strategy: emulate, don't imitate.

5. Life hack: have fun every day.

6. You have immense control over your 9-5 experience, but people rarely implement their own designs.

7. You can feel (be) free wherever you are. The choice is yours.

8. Be (the right type of) Selfish so that you may be Selfless.

9. Stop saying, "I don't have time."  We all have the same 24 hours. Make better choices.

10. You deserve your dream life. It's not only possible; it's probable (with the right designs).



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