July 12, 2022

45: Kason Morris - Designing Your Bespoke Career

Kason Morris is a master of reinvention. He's already redesigned his career six times across five sectors, strategically leveling up his skills in the process. Kason has decades of experience as a learning and development executive in big tech while also serving as a career and lifestyle coach. Here, we talk about design thinking as a principle, the importance of self-reliance, and specific strategies for operating within corporate on your terms. 

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02:57 Career is a design problem

04:50 Kason's life phases & childhood influences

06:39 Building your experimental mindset

09:55 The most underrated life skill

12:03 Applying design thinking to pivot in life

15:07 Exerting your agency at work

20:55 Entrepreneurship while in your 9-5

24:50 Timely vs. timeless skills

29:21 Best & worst advice

33:46 One law for everyone to follow

34:44 If Kason was starting his career now

37:48 Closing message



1. Money, meaning, and expression are three levers for harmonizing work and life.

2. Take control of your work environment: influence with and without authority.

3. Build a portfolio career by diversifying your interests and experiences over time.

4. We must take agency in how we approach work and lifestyle.

5. Balance internal and external drivers to maximize your growth in the world.

6. Decipher your "work" and "life" views; strive to harmonize them as much as possible.

7. Approach work like a playground, not a ladder.

8. "Dream careers are not landed, they're created."

9. A single-lane road creates no life options.

10. Most (timely) skills employers are for will be half as impactful within 4 years. Get off the skill-building "treadmill" with timeless (power) skills.

11. "Learning how to learn" is life's meta-skill. Spend time finding your method for this. 

12. Relationships are the greatest career (and life) accelerator. Go wide, stay curious.



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