July 19, 2022

46: Mental Health at Work (w/ Tim Perreira)

I joined mental health expert Tim Perreira as a guest on his show, Tuesdays With Tim. This is a recast of that session. We cover why modern work makes us feel caged, plus some psychological and physical health strategies for taking control of your work situation (and life).

Want to create Time Freedom at work? Here's your guide.

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02:55 Thumbnail of Matt's life

04:55 Experiments with entrepreneurship

06:07 Should you leave corporate?

07:36 "Corporate Cage" defined

09:02 Root issue: externalizing control

11:03 4 phases to the Uncaged transformation

14:23 Step one: stop the bleeding

16:30 Unraveling destructive conditioning

19:45 Typical crappy answer to "what do you want?"

20:29 Indicators that you're caged

22:44 Inside-Out approach to life

24:25 Breaking free of "work = identity"

25:25 Your desires are not your own

27:36 Self-Realization Theory (to feel content)

28:39 Tearing down "authenticity"

31:00 Harsh awakening from autopilot



1. Leaving the 9-5 isn't for most people. Choose to create freedom right where you are.

2. Shape your day based on what energizes you. This action compounds into the life you want.

3. Work-life balance isn't a thing. Treat your existence as one harmonized life. Strive for alignment.

4. Most of our pain at work stems from optional stories in our heads that we subscribe to.

5. Imagine your 10X bigger life to leapfrog commonplace (2X) tactics to an incrementally better life.

6. "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom." — Viktor Frankl

7. Continually externalize your life vision through writing and speaking. This action programs your subconscious. Your mind is always listening, so make sure it's firing and wiring together per your design.

8. Obsessed with external motivation? You're just a shell of your potential. Instead, live Inside-Out. 

9. Control the inputs to direct your outputs.

10. You have all sorts of control you don't believe you have. Design forward, take aligned action.



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