July 26, 2022

47: Brutal Lies You’re Told About Work

Several years of being in corporate will teach you certain beliefs and worldviews about what a "successful" life looks like. We can't fall victim to these dangerous ideas. So, in this episode, we shed light on 7 brutal lies you're told about work. Enjoy.

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02:26 We've all been conditioned

02:45 Shaping your role like an executive

04:43 How to handle nosy bosses

05:56 Dangers of single-source income

07:24 Paralyzed by corporate overlords

09:10 Monetizing your skills outside the 9-5

10:42 There is no "company time"

12:03 Sorry, you aren't special



1. Essential life skill: identifying and unlearning your fixed beliefs.


2. You must exert your agency at work. Set your terms and you'll learn what's possible.


3. Mange up by learning the values, incentives, and pains of those people senior to you.


4. Diversify and stack your income streams. Not only is it financially smart, but you'll grow by leaps and bounds. 


5. You have a personal brand, whether you like it or not. Will you keep it small (caged)? Or go big?


6. Make yourself recession-proof by embracing and going all-in on your unique ability.



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