Aug. 2, 2022

48: Timely vs. Timeless Skills

Look around and you'll see people chasing "in-demand" skills and credentials. It's like they're on a hamster wheel. But others seem calmer, in possession of enduring skills that always keep them ahead. This is the difference between Timely and Timeless skills. Which are you fixated on?

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1. Are you choosing to build skills that legitimately interest you? This matters if you want to maintain energy for decades.


2. Be clear on where the "crowd" is going. Go the opposite way.


3. Timely skills have a short shelf life (usually 2-4 years).


4. Timeless skills (e.g., psychology, persuasion, copywriting) endure no matter the time or context.


5. Build Timeless skills to ensure you're always ahead and relevant, even as our digital world rapidly changes.  



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