Aug. 16, 2022

50: Introducing Uncaged Academy (Cohort-Based Course)

50: Introducing Uncaged Academy (Cohort-Based Course)

Think back to those one-way college lectures or those on-demand courses you've taken. Did you really transform as a person? No.

That's why I'm proud to introduce Uncaged Academy to you. It's an immersive, cohort-style approach to learning that focuses on community (friends), accountability, and rapid transformation. With our first cohort in the books, I'm excited to discuss the future of this unique program with you.

Make corporate work for YOU. Apply for our cohort course: Uncaged Academy.

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1. The Education Technology (EdTech) realm is rapidly changing the modern learning experience.

2. You no longer need to give years of your life (or extreme amounts of money) to improve your mindset, skillset, or career trajectory.

3. Uncaged Academy helps you (a) design your 9-5 experience in a way that (b) unlocks the life you really want.

4. While still in corporate, you can create more freedom: Financial, Time, Purpose, Relationships, Health.

5. This course is for high-performing mid-career professionals who feel "stuck" and want something more out of their lives.



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