Aug. 23, 2022

51: The Power of Regret

"No regrets." You've seen it tattooed on arms and in song lyrics. Enough — let's stop trying to suppress this natural human emotion. Instead, let's learn to harness it for our advantage in work and life. 

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02:15 Framing

02:36 How we view regret

04:47 Types of regret

09:33 A strategy for using regret

12:24 How Matt uses regret to his advantage



1. Per the American Regret Study, 82% of adults experience regret — spanning a wide range of domains of life (family, career, education, finances, health, etc.).


2. Four types of regrets: Foundation, Boldness, Moral, and Connection.


3. Why regret matters: stability, growth, goodness, love.


4. Regret is a valuable emotion — it's telling you something. Learn to harness it.


5. Strategy for harnessing it: (1) Learn from PAST regrets, (2) anticipate FUTURE regrets, (3) apply that knowledge in the PRESENT.



Book: The Power of Regret (Daniel Pink)

Top 5 Regrets of the Dying (Bronnie Ware)

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