Aug. 30, 2022

52: The Impact of Quiet Quitting

"Quiet quitting" may same new and shocking, but it's an age-old concept. It's about setting your terms at work and prioritizing your desired lifestyle. In this episode, we cut through the noise and discuss practical scenarios for implementing this strategy.

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02:14 Framing

02:29 What Quiet Quitting is

03:41 The argument for it

06:59 The argument against it

09:46 Real-world scenarios

16:10 Healthy person → healthy worker



1. Quiet Quitting isn't about actually quitting or being lazy. We're not glamorizing mediocrity here.


2. At the core, it's about establishing boundaries at work, but you need a more comprehensive approach if you're going to create the life you want.


3. Not everyone wants to be an "elite athlete" at work, so we don't need to expect everyone to operate in an elite way. In contrast, choosing to be "average" at work can create capacity for spending time and energy on what excites you.


4. It generally makes sense to "go hard" early in your career to establish a foothold (resume, financial security, etc.). Once you're 10+ years in, you have much more leeway to back off and prioritize lifestyle.


5. Quiet Quitting (or whatever term you use) is another tool in your toolbox. Deploy it wisely as you methodically create more freedom in your life.



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