Sept. 27, 2022

55: Andy Storch - The Ownership Mindset

When you take extreme ownership of your career and life, magical things happen. Remember, you care more about your life and career than anyone else. Author and speaker Andy Storch joins us for a masterclass on listening to your inner voice and taking full ownership of your career and life.

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02:35 Andy’s evolving definition of success

04:50 Dependency on external circumstances

08:10 Andy’s childhood & backstory

12:27 Entering the corporate world

16:29 Accelerators for self-transformation

20:08 Ownership mindset (being entrepreneurial)

21:27 Drifting

26:42 Modern view on professional development

31:18 “I don’t have time”

32:31 Personal brand = reputation

39:26 Andy’s cancer battle

45:05 It happened for me, not to me

49:40 Rapid fire questions

54:49 It’s on you: extreme ownership



  1. Minimize the “I’ll be happy when” mentality; cultivate inner joy.
  2. Take a lesson from Stoicism: focus on what you can control.
  3. On paper, your life might look good. But you might actually feel dead inside. Signal for radical self-transformation.
  4. Find coaches, mentors, and resources that help you see new possibilities and co-design a better future (tailored for you).
  5. Many people are drifting through life — being reactive and adopting external definitions of success. Better way: live an intentional life.
  6. Substantive change is atomic: it’s both small and highly targeted for long-term impact.
  7. Your personal brand is “what people think and say about you when you’re not in the room.”
  8. Clarify what you want your brand to stand for (e.g., kindness, generosity)
  9. Attitude when hitting a major roadblock: “This is what I get to deal with.”
  10. We go through our life challenges so we’re qualified to help others.



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