Oct. 11, 2022

56: Paige West - Millennial & Gen Z Workforces Collide

Paige West went “national” in sharing her Quiet Quitting story on CNN, Good Morning America, and elsewhere. Here, we go behind the scenes on what fueled her decisions while also comparing and contrasting Millennial and Gen Z worldviews in the workplace. So good — enjoy!

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03:51 Doing the “inner” work

08:05 Paige’s formative years

12:16 Friction when weighing professional paths

16:47 Indicators that corporate wasn’t a fit

19:03 Keeping life options open

21:47 Hitting a breaking point

23:38 Applying the Quiet Quitting strategy

26:34 Did anything bad happen?

29:40 Fake “pressures” at work

30:51 Millennial vs. Gen Z values at work

36:45 Power of vulnerability on the job

39:01 Benefits of the corporate journey

42:57 Rapid-fire questions

48:44 Identity is a choice, reinforced by tiny actions

51:24 Keys to uncaging yourself



1. Inner work is meant to get your inner and outer worlds to align.


2. Externalizing your thoughts sharpens and clarifies your thinking.


3. Learn from PAST regrets, ANTICIPATE future regrets, use that information NOW.


4. Be careful when corporate systems have rigid growth models — hard to be authentic.


5. Irony of Quiet Quitting for Paige: her reputation improved at work.


6. Ruthlessly protecting your time and being selective at work is good for you and your company.


7. Gen Z grew up in an era of publishing your emotions, and that’s showing up in corporate environments now.


8. Invest (in yourself) before you’re ready — time and money.



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