Oct. 18, 2022

57: The "Employee" Is Dead

“Employee” is an outdated concept. (Literally, a relic of the Industrial Age.) Learn how power is shifting from employer to employee, and how this completely changes your work and life options.

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02:12 The old employment agreement

04:04 No one wants a job, they want a life

04:39 RIP employee, welcome Uncaged Pro

06:14 Keeping your job — on your terms

07:37 Stability of the 9-5 + Prosperity of entrepreneurship

09:48 Your 9-5 can just be a utility

10:07 Validate that you’re in a healthy workplace

10:53 Clarify the life you want

11:54 Define what “work” means to you

12:49 Shape your corporate role

14:11 Build your external brand & side hustle

16:38 Framework summary

17:01 Working for great companies? Alive. Employee? Dead.



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