Nov. 1, 2022

59: Tara Horstmeyer - Ghostwrite Your Life

Today’s thoughts become tomorrow’s reality. And when you write down those thoughts, it’s a lightspeed jump into your better future. The lovely and super authentic Tara Horstmeyer joins me to talk about life-career seasons, LinkedIn mastery, and the power of “ghostwriting your own life.” Enjoy!

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03:00 Words that penetrate the soul

05:20 Writing when the emotion is hot

09:18 Tara’s childhood influences

14:02 Empathetic languaging

16:06 Doing what lights you up

20:06 Words are the catalyst for change

22:36 “Everyone is a ghostwriter”

25:20 Shifting your focus: outward to inward

29:01 Personal brand = personal advantage

34:02 Embracing “life seasons”

40:38 Rapid-fire questions



1. Create a simple system for capturing your ideas when inspiration strikes.


2. Develop a method for fleshing out those idea “seedlings.”


3. When inspired, write with “editor” mode turned off (revisit with that lens later).


4. “Make sure you have something to say before you say it.”


5. Ghostwriting your own life is a process by which you find and build yourself.


6. You already have a personal brand (it’s your reputation). “Make it your business.”


7. You’re always juggling glass and rubber balls. If you drop the glass ones (e.g., family), they shatter.


8. If you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no one.



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