July 5, 2021

6: Rethink Credentials and Stop Messing with Gatekeepers

6: Rethink Credentials and Stop Messing with Gatekeepers


Gatekeeping has long influenced our careers, and it's limiting upward progress for most people. Today, Matthew talks about the five (5) key points that will help aspiring digital leaders better understand the gatekeeper model and how to rocket past the "standardized credentials" game by betting on their uniqueness.

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When America's revolutionary generation died off, dramatic changes in the education system occurred. Standardized education began to push everyone towards the mean.

Credentials feel good on the surface, but that doesn't directly reflect capability. In most cases, it just proves we're good at passing standardized tests. It's a game of compliance imposed by gatekeepers.

By paying the gatekeeper's game, you'll end up in a crowded space, looking like everyone else. In contrast, a digital leader creates immense impact, steps outside the norm, and champions uniqueness.

We're seeing trends of people bypassing traditional higher education systems all together and finding more creative and direct ways to develop monetizable skills. Some industries are dropping degree requirements as a result. Shifts in education and employment encourage uniqueness.

The gatekeepers are losing power; now is the time to move beyond credentials. You don't need permission to ascend to higher levels of leadership.


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