Dec. 6, 2022

63: Billy Keels - Leveraging Corporate for Your Dream Life

Billy Keels is one of the “awakened” ones. After years of undeniable success in the corporate world, he intentionally started leveraging those gains to fuel his bigger, more badass life. Now, as an entrepreneur, Billy helps highly-paid professionals take control of their lives and create wealth through cash-flowing, tax-efficient investments. He’s a fountain of actionable wisdom!


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02:48 Comparing U.S. & Europe

06:06 Importance of environment

09:18 The allure of default paths

11:23 Awakening

16:05 A fresh view on corporate life

19:55 Doing corporate on your terms

24:02 Outcomes over hours

27:20 Scratching that entrepreneurial itch

34:26 Failing forward

37:32 Rapid fire questions



1. Default paths can quickly become your identity. Therefore, we must consciously decouple from them.

2. What we’re surrounded by, we adopt.

3. Corporate life can be a great accelerator to your career, but we must control that ascent.

4. Don’t just plug into the corporate machine like everyone else. You can deliver results (more efficiently) on your terms.

5. No one really cares about your work hours, only the value you produce. So use that to your advantage.

6. Too many people are “theoretical ninjas” — passively consuming good information without implementing it.

7. Healthy person = healthy worker. Focus primarily on being the former; the latter is a byproduct.

8. “The next logical step” is often the most illogical thing to do.

9. “It’s not about the money. It’s about how you’re investing your time in the moments that matter the most.”



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