July 12, 2021

7: Simone Petrella - Embracing the Education Revolution

7: Simone Petrella - Embracing the Education Revolution


Today we're joined by Simone Petrella, CEO of CyberVista. Simone lives and breathes education, and her organization specializes in upskilling cybersecurity and technology professionals. In our conversation, we explore the radical transformation that the education industry is experiencing, and what that means for the aspiring digital leader. 

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There's still a significant divide between business strategy and digital strategy — leaders on both sides of the aisle need to further harmonize their understand and efforts.

Especially since COVID, education and employment shifts are changing what it means to be "qualified" in a technology-focused job.

CyberVista is working to upend traditional measures for gauging a person's skills — moving from static to dynamic.

Being a mother has helped Simone lead with empathy, honor the human condition, and see life as much more than achieving professional goals.

Digital leaders are primed to help steer organizations going forward as they work to weave technology capabilities into the heart of customer experience and business strategy.


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