July 26, 2021

9: The Day We Almost Lost Him

9: The Day We Almost Lost Him


Today, Matthew slides away from the show's usual focus and talks about a difficult incident involving his nine-year-old son. He reflects on how fragile life is and shares some Stoic-driven lessons on how to handle life's toughest situations.


It's all too easy to get caught up in "the grind" while losing sight of what truly matters in life.

Unfortunately, it often takes a life-altering event to shock us back to our true priorities.

Amor fati (Latin for "love of fate") is an attitude that we should welcome everything that happens to us as necessary.

We are fallible humans, not robots. We need to build internal capability for dealing with life's biggest stressors.

Premeditatio malorum is a Stoic exercise for proactively anticipating adversity to become resilient if the bad thing should happen.


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