April 26, 2022

37: Should I Choose Safety or Passion?

What path should you take? The Safe Path is predictable and comfortable. But then there's the Passion Path, where you know you'll encounter a life of adventure and excitement. This question applies equally to life and career. 

Listen up to discover a mental model for approaching safety vs. passion.

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02:35 A question of two paths

04:28 Contemplating passion

05:39 Truly, what is safety?

07:00 Too much safety = masochism

07:22 A framework for action

11:29 Recap of big ideas



1. Starting down the Safety Path gets a relevant foothold early on. But soon enough, you'll wrestle with a burning desire for passion.


2. We're never really safe if we feel continually terrible in the process.


3. Someone else's Plan A is inevitably your Plan B


4. Understand your personal Law of Diminishing Returns — the point at which it no longer makes sense to go "above and beyond" at work.


5. Use regret as a forecasting tool — think forward to your deathbed. What anticipated insights can you pull from the future to the present?



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